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A bill that would have lowered the legal limit on blood alcohol concentration from .08 to .05. Continue Reading »

House Bill 1062 aims to make defendant’s statements inadmissible in court if police use deceptive tactics during interrogations to get those statements. Continue Reading »

House Bill 1994, if passed, would permit judges to set conditions in lower-level cases (like minor drug possession and criminal tresspass) that won’t include jail but instead would allow for treatment and possible dismissal if the person substantially complied with the terms of the program. Continue Reading »

Should officers be permitted to review body camera footage before writing their reports and/or making statements to investigators? Continue Reading »

On December 4, 2023, The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners – like so many other Washington governmental bodies – approved a contract authorizing the Kitsap County Sheriff to purchase and deploy body-worn and in-vehicle cameras for all Kitsap County Sheriff’s Deputies. Continue Reading »

Ruling essentially allows the government to decide what information they are going to give to the public and what information they are not going to give to the public. Continue Reading »

The officers apparently elected to enter the home because they were convinced that there was a report of someone attempting to jump or push someone else out of a fourth-floor window, amounting to a life-threatening emergency — arguably, an exception to the warrant requirement for entry into the apartment without permission. Continue Reading »

tackling and arrest of a health care worker during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic. Continue Reading »

Seattle police are now officially prohibited from deliberately misinforming (in certain circumstances) a citizen by way of a ruse in the hopes of developing proof that they committed, or are about to commit, a crime Continue Reading »

Seattle law enforcement personnel started enforcing the new public drug use ordinance Continue Reading »