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New CDC rules in place for those who travel abroad with their dog; the new rules take effect Aug. 1, 2024. Continue Reading »

  Theft, if caught, can result in many different outcomes, as the punishment for such an act is contingent on the value of the item(s) stolen. But when the federal government gets involved, things can really get ugly. Take for instance a recent mail theft case out of Seattle. In that matter, a 27-year-old man… Continue Reading »

Last month a report came out indicating that a good number of King County sexual assault cases (roughly 60%) resulted in defendants pleading down to lesser charges, a good number of which were to crimes other than sexual assault. The issue or concern related to this phenomenon was the length of time vicitm’s had to… Continue Reading »

In February of this year it was divulged that the King County Sheriff’s Office has plans to develop and implement a language access program. This announcement was made after a complaint was filed with the Department of Justice and United States Attorney’s Office against the King County Sheriff’s Office and Burien Police Department, alleging discrimination… Continue Reading »

Catalytic converter theft has led to new bill being passed to thwart the problem. House Bill 2153 makes trafficking catalytic converters a Class C felony and requires new licenses and increased record keeping for scrap metal dealers and vehicle wreckers. No one can sell a catalytic converter without a driver’s license or a state issued… Continue Reading »

Recently our Washington Senators voted to make harassment of election workers a felony. This happened three months after four county election officers received envelopes containing s suspicious powdery substance and right before the big presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which is sure to cause a great deal of consternation around the state.… Continue Reading »

  Earlier this month the Washington State Legislature passed Senate Bill 6009 which would ban the police from hogtying suspects, classifying it as an ‘excessive use of force’. Hogtying is defined as the fastening together of a suspect’s ankles and wrists. The bill now is before the House for its consideration. This new bill is… Continue Reading »

A bill that would have lowered the legal limit on blood alcohol concentration from .08 to .05. Continue Reading »

House Bill 1062 aims to make defendant’s statements inadmissible in court if police use deceptive tactics during interrogations to get those statements. Continue Reading »

House Bill 1994, if passed, would permit judges to set conditions in lower-level cases (like minor drug possession and criminal tresspass) that won’t include jail but instead would allow for treatment and possible dismissal if the person substantially complied with the terms of the program. Continue Reading »