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With the current state of affairs at the Seattle Police Department (“SPD“), numerous officers are electing to leave the force. Not to start a new career, but to be a law enforcement agent with a different agency. In fact, it appears that many SPD officers are headed to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department (“PCSD“). Ed… Continue Reading »

As we all know, for weeks now protests have taken place to raise social awareness – equality for all. The protests have centered on the Black Lives Matter movement, and eradicating systematic racism and police brutality. As to be expected, law enforcement has been very active during this period, and unfortunately at times has felt… Continue Reading »

Generally speaking, if a person is deemed to be interfering with any sort of law enforcement investigation/activity in Washington State, he will be arrested (and possibly charged with) the crime of Obstructing a Public Servant. This happens when law enforcement believes that a person lied to (or otherwise misled) an investigator/detective, destroyed evidence, knowingly failed… Continue Reading »