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Has there been a spike or decline in crime since the governor of Washington issued his ‘stay home, stay healthy’ order in March of this year?  It seems the answer depends on location and/or type.  Both the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff’s Office say that crimes like shoplifting, car prowling and general theft… Continue Reading »

Just a quick reminder that domestic violence is taken extremely serious in Washington State. This is so regardless of how small or insignificant someone may think the incident is, or whether someone is actually physically, or even emotionally, injured. The government is always looking at ways to curb domestic violence and protect the aggrieved party;… Continue Reading »

One of the most common white-collar crimes in Washington State is identity theft. It should go without saying, identity theft in Washington State is considered a very serious crime; often an identity theft allegation results in criminal charges being filed in the federal (not state) court system. Identity theft can happen in many different ways, but… Continue Reading »