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  As is well known by now, gun violence has been a hot topic for several years. Last year, in response to a perceived increase in gun violence, the Seattle Police Department formed a community violence task force to target people responsible for gun violence – the Gun Violence Reduction Unit (“GVRU“). The task force… Continue Reading »

  Since the pandemic, video court has become commonplace. Many courts use systems like Zoom or WebEx to conduct court hearings. With this phenomenon, folks have the ability to pretty much be anywhere on earth yet still appear for their hearing. Unfortunately, some court attendees forget that where they are, and how they appear, may… Continue Reading »

Last month a report came out indicating that a good number of King County sexual assault cases (roughly 60%) resulted in defendants pleading down to lesser charges, a good number of which were to crimes other than sexual assault. The issue or concern related to this phenomenon was the length of time vicitm’s had to… Continue Reading »

Ever wonder if you can get charged with a crime for simply speeding? Well, the answer is under certain circumstances, yes. Case in point, a youngster was caught going a whopping 161 mph on Interstate 82 this past Monday. The man was spotted and tracked by a WSP aerial patrol unit near Locust Grove Road. … Continue Reading »

  Oregon is set to decide, at least in one court, whether Oregon’s gun law approved by Oregon voters last November violates Oregon’s constitution. This is of importance because Oregon passed one of the strictest gun laws in the United States after the US Supreme Court, last year, issued a ruling that changed guidance for… Continue Reading »

What are a person’s obligations if they happen to hit someone else’s property with their car? The answer lies in RCW 46.52.010. Under subsection (2) of that Washington statute, a driver involved in an accident which results in damage to property (whether fixed or placed upon or adjacent to any public highway; regardless of how… Continue Reading »

In an interesting move last week, the United States Supreme Court agreed to consider whether our government may forbid people subject to domestic violence orders to possess firearms. The high court’s decision comes at a time when there is a huge concern – countrywide – about gun violence. The U.S. Supreme Court court has only… Continue Reading »

We here at SQ Attorneys are frequently asked when can an arraignment simply be waived in Seattle Municipal Court. The answer lies in the court’s local rules. SMCLR 4.1 reads: “(i) Arraignments. Arraignments shall be in accordance with CrRLJ 4.1 and 4.2. A lawyer may, pursuant to (e) and SMCLR 8.4.1, enter an appearance on… Continue Reading »

It is done. Governor Jay Inslee signed SB 5536, which outlines appropriate penalties for drug possession in Washington. Washington’s new drug possession statute prioritizes treatment, establishes a gross misdemeanor penalty for drug possession and public use of drugs, and offers some local control to municipalities. The bill is not designed to fill jails. It is… Continue Reading »

Oh how the pendulum swings. It was only a few short years ago an officer’s ability to chase people in vehicles was curtailed. That right was slightly expanded last week when Governor Jay Inslee rolled back some prohibitive requirements for police chases. Under the new law, police officers no longer need ‘probable cause’ to initiate… Continue Reading »