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Has there been a spike or decline in crime since the governor of Washington issued his ‘stay home, stay healthy’ order in March of this year?  It seems the answer depends on location and/or type.  Both the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff’s Office say that crimes like shoplifting, car prowling and general theft… Continue Reading »

People from all walks of life can, and do, get cited for DUI in Washington State. Teachers, doctors, plumbers, and construction workers are but just yet a few of the many professions impacted. But what about aviation professionals 9 (i.e. Pilots), how are they impacted by a DUI citation? A drunk driving arrest does not… Continue Reading »

Recently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration commissioned a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked the Academies to determine which strategies for reducing impaired driving have proven to be effective. The report (a whopping 489 pages and written by a panel) made several recommendations,… Continue Reading »

Being charged with a property crime in Washington (such as Theft or Possession of Stolen Property) is embarrassing and has the possibility of significantly impacting a person’s personal and professional life. This is so because these types of crimes are considered “crimes of dishonesty”.  At SQ Attorneys we have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds through continuous,… Continue Reading »