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They are watching. But who is ‘they’? The City of Seattle, that’s who. Last week Seattle introduced camera monitoring for illegal dumping. It is part of a newly instituted pilot program. So if you plan to rid yourself of tires, boats, vehicles or appliances, best do it at one of the City’s transfer stations (a.k.a… Continue Reading »

Criminal records, at least in California, may soon be a bit harder to locate. Why? Because California is in the throws of possibly passing what proponents say could be the most sweeping law to seal criminal records in the country. All that is left is for the State’s governor to sign it into law. The… Continue Reading »

Last month the Edmonds City Council passed an ordinance making it illegal to occupy or store belongings in public places overnight. This move corresponded with a sweeping national trend by local governments to criminalize homelessness. The Edmonds ordinance essentially forces people living on Edmond’s streets to either get into a shelter or risk a criminal… Continue Reading »

Seattle Community Court will now officially have one less participant, the chronic offender. As blogged about last week, the City Attorney made a formal request that the Seattle Municipal Court exclude chronic offenders from its community court track. On Monday, the seven judges that sit for the Seattle Municipal Court agreed to honor her request.… Continue Reading »

Although it may sometimes feel like a civic duty, intervening in a crime in progress is probably not something any of us ‘citizens’ should be doing. Why? Well, the answer is simple … we could become a casualty, we could make things worse, and in outlier cases, we could even be charged with a crime… Continue Reading »

In Seattle, is a person of color still more likely than a white person to be subjected to an officer’s use of force? One report says yes, finding that Black people, per capita, were seven times more likely to be subjected to an officer’s use of force in the City of Seattle. To boot, it… Continue Reading »

What week is it?? It is National Pretrial, Probation, & Parole Supervision Week!! The American Probation and Parole Association wanted to highlight those who work in our nations pretrial services so they created a whole week of celebration in their honor. This year July 18-24 is that week! Court pretrial probation and service (‘PPPS’) departments… Continue Reading »

With the ever changing times and social climate, Kirkland Municipal Court recently elected to open a ‘Community Court’. The new court will handle certain types of non-violent crimes such as theft, shoplifting, trespassing and other low-level criminal offenses. The focus of the court will be to help defendant’s solve problems, rather than to put them… Continue Reading »

Thousands of Washingtonians saddled with a felony conviction are going to have their voting rights restored due to a recent bill signed by Governor Jay Inslee. The rights automatically will be restored upon a person’s release from incarceration. Under House Bill 1078, roughly 20,000 people will regain their right to vote, according to the state… Continue Reading »