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  Oregon is set to decide, at least in one court, whether Oregon’s gun law approved by Oregon voters last November violates Oregon’s constitution. This is of importance because Oregon passed one of the strictest gun laws in the United States after the US Supreme Court, last year, issued a ruling that changed guidance for… Continue Reading »

A recent incident in North Seattle reconfirms that it is rarely a good idea to take matters into your own hands. Often prosecutors may look beyond the basis of why you may feel an act was valid and find that under the law it simply wasn’t. This is exactly what happened when a man confronting… Continue Reading »

Will Washington follow California’s lead in creating a digital driver’s license? Currently California has implemented a pilot program where 1.5 million authorized residents can download a CA DMV (Washington is DOL) Wallet app. There are many locations – such as the Los Angeles International Airport – that now accept mobile/ digital driver’s licenses. Since things… Continue Reading »

Another good district court judge is moving up to Superior Court. Recently King County District Court judge E. Rania Rampersad was appointed to the King County Superior Court by Governor Jay Inslee. She will take the place of Judge Catherine Shaffer who retired this month. Judge Rampersad has a wealth of experience and knowledge. She… Continue Reading »

What are a person’s obligations if they happen to hit someone else’s property with their car? The answer lies in RCW 46.52.010. Under subsection (2) of that Washington statute, a driver involved in an accident which results in damage to property (whether fixed or placed upon or adjacent to any public highway; regardless of how… Continue Reading »

Untraceable “ghost guns” are illegal again. Why? Well because the U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay last week of a district court judgment that had invalidated the Biden Administration’s ban on untraceable firearms. The stay temporarily gave the rule new life, but the question is for how long because the legal challenge continues.What are “Ghost… Continue Reading »

Over the past year law enforcement has not enforced laws against failing to yield to school buses with their stop signs extended. Why? Because the cameras affixed to the buses to observe and monitor such action have gone unchecked. Ostensibly this has allowed hundreds to avoid receiving a spendy $500 ticket for violating the law.… Continue Reading »

On Saturday Washington launched a website where those convicted of drug possession between 1971 and 2021 can request a refund for any court fines, fees and other related costs they paid. See www.courts.wa.gov/blake. Why? Because Washington’s Supreme Court found that its drug possession laws were unconstitutional during that period. The law has since been fixed… Continue Reading »

Our Washington Legislature recently voiced a major concern about our state patrol employment numbers. Right now 21% of the agency’s trooper positions are vacant. The Washington State Patrol watches Washington’s state highways, enforces traffic laws and conducts criminal investigations and drug forensic testing through its self-prescribed ‘state of the art’ toxicology lab. In order to… Continue Reading »

In November 2022, one of Washington’s Court of Appeals dropped a weapons surrender order on a Kitsap County second degree assault case involving a no contact order finding that it violated not only the defendant’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures but also forced him to incriminate himself.  This is so… Continue Reading »