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Bus lanes, bus lanes, bus lanes … avoid those bus lanes. In three Seattle corridors there will be a price to pay if one elects to enter the bus lane because there is now a new camera-enforcement program and it just may spread citywide. The cameras went live earlier this month and are located on… Continue Reading »

Although not on the topic of criminal defense, it is still a point of topical interest – a federal judge blocked Oregon’s ban on homebuyer ‘lover letters,’ as it potentially infringes upon first amendment protections. What is a homebuyer lover letter? It is a letter or a note that a potential homebuyer writes to a… Continue Reading »

SQ Attorneys On February 10, 2022, Seattle Municipal Court judges issued a ruling that suppresses BAC results due to methamphetamine contamination at the Washington State Patrol forensic toxicology lab. What is important to note, however, is that the suppression ruling only impacts very specific cases, namely those involving actual methamphetamine. Other cases, were not impacted… Continue Reading »

Domestic violence can come in many forms. The Washington State Supreme Court confirmed that last week when it unanimously ruled that animal abuse can, and does, constitute domestic violence. The high court confirmed that a Tukwila man did, in fact, commit domestic violence when he savagely beat his girlfriend’s dog to death. Ultimately, the justices… Continue Reading »

Senate Bill 5843 isn’t moving forward. It died in the Senate. SB 5843 would have created a gross misdemeanor penalty for elected officials or candidates who knowingly, recklessly or maliciously lie about results on an election if those falsehoods led to violence. The concept of the bill arose after the January 6th insurrection at the… Continue Reading »

If you are arrested in King County for a nonviolent offense, you may just be in luck, at least as it relates to being booked into jail. Why? Because the jail is currently facing staffing shortages, and there is a mega surge in coronavirus cases, all of which is leading to what some are calling… Continue Reading »

Late last year, California apparently became the first state in our union to file felony charges against someone for operating a vehicle while on Autopilot. Autopilot is a Tesla automated driving system. The incident took place in 2019. The vehicle at issue was – in fact – a Tesla. The Tesla ran a red light,… Continue Reading »

The right to counsel, it is a constitutional right. A right given to all of us under the sixth amendment. That right, unfortunately, is apparently being somewhat challenged in Oregon, as the state has only roughly thirty-one percent of the public defense attorneys it needs to provide reasonably effective assistance to low income/ indigent defendants.… Continue Reading »

As social justice policies continue to develop in Seattle, it has been confirmed that enforcement of some Seattle crimes will be softened. No longer will (1) failing to wear a bicycle helmet, (2) driving with expired tabs, (3) driving a vehicle without a front license plate, or (4) driving with items hanging from one’s rearview… Continue Reading »

  Earlier this month, right before Christmas, the Bellevue Police Department did a one night undercover vice operation aimed at targeting a recent increase in demand for prostitution. Nabbed were 16 unsuspecting men. Investigators posed as prostitutes on an online dating app.  Once contacted, they arranged to meet the men at a Bellevue motel. The… Continue Reading »