Shooting Creates Double Trouble

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

It appears that amid all of the chaos resulting from Seattle politics and the social justice movement, folks are choosing to take matters into their own hands – for better or for worse. Case in point, on Saturday afternoon two men were arrested after being involved in a shooting and automotive crash in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood.

The incident occurred when a man followed his brother’s stolen vehicle and elected to fire a shot at the mobile transport – as only luck would have it, the bullet struck his side mirror. Undaunted, the man continued to follow his brother’s hijacked vehicle. As the chase ensued, the driver of the stolen vehicle eventually lost control as he drove across the 16th Avenue South Bridge and struck a truck on East Marginal Way South. The stolen vehicle rolled over and landed on its roof. Both the armed man and the suspect got out of their respective automobiles, and as the suspect attempted to run, the armed man fired one shot and then a second shot striking the suspect in the leg.

Both men are being processed for illegal activity. The suspect was taken to the hospital and booked into jail after he’s release. The armed man was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for investigation of assault (presumably with a deadly weapon). A note for all to remember – the law does not permit a person to chase and shoot at someone fleeing … even if it is in a relative’s stolen car. Be smart and stay safe.

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