Shall I plead out?

After you are arrested for a DUI, you may feel that your case is hopeless and that you should just plead guilty. This is especially true if you agreed to a breath test that revealed a high blood alcohol level. However, it is important to consult with a Seattle DUI attorney to discuss your case before determining whether you should plead guilty. There may be other legal aspects of your DUI arrest in Washington that can be challenged.

According to the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, arrests must be based on probable cause and protect against unreasonable search and seizures. If you were arrested for a DUI in Seattle and it was not based on probable cause, a competent Washington DUI Attorney may be able to have the case dismissed based upon a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Police Officers often make mistakes during DUI arrests. If the police question you without reading you the Miranda warnings, your Seattle DUI attorney may move to have certain evidence suppressed or possibly have the case dismissed. In some cases, your DUI attorney may challenge the history and credibility of the arresting officer as part of your defense.

In Washington, the DUI laws requires DUI suspects to submit to a breath test or provide a blood sample to determine blood alcohol content(BAC). Refusal of a breath test will result in greater penalties, including the loss of driving privileges for a period of at least one year.

Even if the BAC results of a breath or blood sample are over the legal limit, your Seattle DUI Attorney may challenge the breath or blood samples based upon the following:

• The results of the test the testing procedure
• The collection, handling and storage of the sample
• The manner in which other tests were conducted
• The arresting officer’s actions
• The cause for the traffic stop

Many Seattle DUI lawyers utilize expert witnesses at trial to testify for the defense in DUI cases and refute the BAC evidence.

If you or a loved one is faced with a DUI charge in Western Washington, you deserve the assistance of a reputable and qualified Seattle DUI lawyer who will relentlessly defend your case. You deserve a Seattle DUI attorney who has an intimate understanding of Washington DUI laws and the legal issues that could win your case. You deserve a Seattle DUI attorney who is not afraid to stand up against the prosecution and aggressively fight for your rights and interests. SQ Attorneys is the right Western Washington DUI law firm for the job. Call for a free initial consultation – (206) 441.0900 (Seattle); (425) 998-8384 (Eastside) – it will be the best decision you make all day.

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