A Pot Ban in Certain Communities? Is that Legal?

Can local Washington governments ban pot businesses hoping to participate in a legal marijuana market in Washington state? That is exactly what some Washington attorneys are now tasked with trying to figure out. Recently, the Washington Liquor Control Board (“WLCB”) inquired as to whether state law prohibits local governments from banning producers, processors or retailers of marijuana from locating in certain areas in and around the state. Apparently some local Puget Sound governments may attempt to ban recreational marijuana businesses in their Cities and/or towns. Obviously, this would be contra to the purported desires of our Washington voter’s, which voted to legalize marijuana in certain defined circumstances. The Office of the Attorney General has now issued a notice seeking input on the question raised by the WLCB. What are your thoughts? Should government be able to ban pot businesses? If so, how does this jive with the passing of I-502?

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