Police Pursuit Guidelines to be Expanded?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Bill 5352, moved out of the senate it is a bill that, if passed into law, would give police more discretion on when they can chase after suspects. Members of many law enforcement agencies have been outspoken in favor of updating the law, arguing that current restrictions give alleged criminals confidence to flee, which, in turn, leads to more crime. Currently, police in Washington can only pursue a suspect when they have proof of one of the following: (1) a crime involving violence, (2) a sex crime, or (3) a DUI. The amended bill would add vehicular assault and certain domestic violence offenses to the list of crimes authorizing lawful police pursuit. The bill is now being referred to the Community Safety, Justice, and Reentry Committee in the state House, which will have a few weeks to have a bill hearing and decide to vote on the legislation. It will be interesting to see in the currently political climate if police authority will be expanded. Stay tuned.

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