Party Patrols have Commenced in Earnest

Last weekend Pierce County instituted “party patrols” in anticipation of the inevitable parties associated with the end of school year graduations. It is always a busy and dangerous time of year for celebrating students; under-age drinking and drunken driving incidents are generally high during this time of year – school is out and the sun is out, which makes for quite the recipe. In fact, Pierce County law enforcement says that it has already arrested nearly 200 under-age drinkers so far this spring.

During this time of year it is vastly common for numerous calls to come in for police to check on party complaints. The Pierce County party patrol is a dedicated unit that is specifically looking for under-age drinkers breaking the law.

Recently the team arrested teens along the Puyallup River, Orting, Sumner and the surrounding unincorporated areas. One particular bust netted a high school graduation party at a home in Puyallup with more than 75 kids in attendance. Evidence of the party included empty bottles of hard liquor and beer, and some of the kids allegedly appeared to be intoxicated. The minors were arrested and dropped off at a processing center. As they waited for their parents to pick them up, they had a chance to talk to chemical dependency specialists and parent volunteers. 

Police hope the event serves as a possible intervention, and impresses upon the minors a reminder of how serious underage drinking is, and that it can lead to an arrest and can negatively impact a person’s aspiration and dreams.

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