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SQ Attorneys

Last Thursday Senate Bill 5404 was signed into effect. Somehow common sense finally prevailed. The new law exempts sunblock from being classified as a medication and thus children are now permitted to use it at school and during school field trips; students finally no longer need a prescription from a doctor and a note from a parent in order to use sunscreen … you heard that right, sunscreen. You know, the stuff we use to protect our skin from harmful UV rays … the rays that have the ability to cause skin cancer, amongst other things.

Incredibly, prior to May 4, 2017 school students used to need a prescription from a licensed health care professional, and a note from a parent or guardian, in order to use over-the-counter sunscreen products while at school. This was so because sunscreen is considered a medication or ‘drug product’, and is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Sometimes we bite or nose to spite our face, as they say … at least now there is no more nose biting when it comes to our sun-screened students.

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