No Charges Filed

Although there is a big difference between how much evidence is necessary to file criminal charges and how much evidence is needed to prove a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the government often errors on the side of filing criminal charges and worrying about what proof problems they may have after the fact. In a recent situation, however, the government made the right decision and did not file charges against a person who was involved in a potentially volatile public situation.

The King County prosecutor’s office chose to not file charges against the mayor of Granite Falls, Wash., Haroon Saleem, who was arrested at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport during a very public argument with relatives. A spokesman for the King County Prosecutor’s Office, Dan Donohoe, noted that the evidence was simply not sufficient to charge Saleem with a crime notwithstanding the fact he was arrested by law enforcement.

Salem was arrested after port police responded to a dispute they say involved shouting and threats. The Everett Daily Herald says Saleem was arrested for investigation of domestic violence harassment. Saleem was alleged to have been at the airport to pick up his 13-year-old daughter, who was flying back from California with other relatives. Court papers say the relatives apparently had quarreled during the vacation and the argument continued at the airport. Saleem claimed that he was only protecting his daughter.

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