New Licensing Fees, Say What?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Cars, cars, cars … it seems everyone in Washington State has one. The state knows this fact all too well, and uses our unfettered love of cars as a needed revenue source. Case in point, Friday the State of Washington will be increasing a number of vehicle fees, the lot of which will be applied when a vehicle is purchased. The new fees are part of a $17 billion transportation package approved by the Washington State Legislature earlier this year. Following is a breakdown prospective car owners should be aware of:

(1) Original car and truck license plates will be $50 each (Previously $10).
(2) Replacement plates for cars and trucks will be $30 each (Previously $10).
(3) Original motorcycle plates will be $20 (Previously $4).
(4) Replacement motorcycle plates will be $12 (Previously $4).
(5) Temporary permits provided by dealers to buyers will be $40 (Previously $15).
(6) Negotiable dealer documentation fees will be $200 (Previously $150).
(7) The Stolen Vehicle Check will be $50 (Previously $15) for all out-of-state vehicles.
(8) The Vehicle Weight and Truck Weight (for trucks weighing 12,000 pounds or less) fees increase by $10.

More information about the transportation package legislation is available at the Department of Licensing.

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