Needing A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Have you been charged with a crime? Criminal charges regardless of how minor they may appear to be, can potentially have serious consequences for the individual involved. It is always beneficial to take some time and consult with a competent Seattle criminal defense lawyer. This will help the criminal defendant comprehend the precise nature of the charges filed, what possible options exist, what plea bargains may be offered, what, if any available defenses exist and what potentially could happen upon a conviction.

The Seattle criminal defense attorneys at SQ Attorneys are able to clearly identify the important issues in a criminal case at our initial consultation, and once retained, file appropriate pre-trial motions to suppress evidence which drastically could improve the defendant’s situation. Typically, better results are achieved as a result of these motions, and can cause the State prosecutors to reconsider their strategy, which numerous times lead to an extremely beneficial outcome for our clients.

How Do I Find A Competent Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer?
Finding a Seattle criminal defense attorney who is competent, compassionate and will zealously advocate for your liberty is never an easy task. Many of the SQ Attorney clients are referrals from previous clients who have experience, or other attorneys who are familiar with the zealous and competent representation by the Seattle criminal attorneys of the SQ Team. If you have had a friend or family member who has ever found themselves charged with a crime, that person may be able to offer you suggestions.

Additionally, many of the clients of the SQ Team have come to find out about SQ Attorneys based on their observations of the attorneys, while sitting in court awaiting their case to be called. Many have found the attorneys performance to be impressive and have noted the lawyer’s name or have asked for their business card, only to later contact the attorney for a consultation and possible future representation. Next time you find yourself in court, pay attention to the crimnal attorneys appearing in front of the Judges, and ask yourself who you would want to be standing next to you fighting for your rights?
Every state, and even some counties have their own organizations and bar associations who offer a referral service. It may be beneficial to contact the respective organizations to inquire as to whether they have any referrals for a competent Seattle criminal defense lawyer. The SQ Attorney team is affiliated with a number of bar associations, and criminal defense organizations both locally and nationally.

Always trust your instincts and never settle for an attorney if you do not feel comfortable. You are under no obligation to hire the attorney simply based on the fact that you spent an hour consulting with him or her. Always be careful of false promises an attorney may make only to garner business from you. Make sure you can trust your attorney and always ask for a realistic analysis of your case based on the attorneys experience in handling that particular matter. Finally, prior to retaining the attorney, read the entire retainer agreement and make sure a copy is given to you for your records. The SQ Attorney team will always approach each consultation with a realistic and honest overview of the possibilities and options, and will never misrepresent the complexity of a case.

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