Multi-Language DV Awareness Campaign Initiated

And … the crackdown on domestic violence related crimes continues in Seattle. On October 22, 2015 the Seattle City Mayor’s Office joined Clear Channel Outdoor and the Multi-lingual Access Project to unveil a campaign (in five languages, no less —English, Spanish, Amharic, Vietnamese and Somali) to combat domestic violence in Seattle. The intent of the campaign is to further enhance the general awareness of domestic violence; to make it even more high profile, and to promote culturally appropriate resources to better support survivors and their families.

As of October 22, 2015, and running through December 1, 2015, messages about domestic violence will be shown on billboards throughout Seattle. It is apparently believed that billboards are a powerful way to reach people while also targeting specific audiences. Clear Channel – one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising corporations – has a long esteemed history of working with law enforcement, governmental agencies and nonprofits on a myriad of public safety and community building initiatives; this joint anti domestic violence effort is simply an extension of this storied relationship.

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