Lights, Camera … Action!

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In following up with one of our recent posts about Seattle Police Officer (‘SPD‘) body cameras, we at SQ Attorneys note that SPD has now officially begun the testing of body cameras. As of late December 2016, a select group of SPD bicycle officers are now using body cameras while on duty. It is anticipated this is the first step in the global outfitting of hundreds of other SPD officers with recording technology. SPD plans to outfit 850 officers with cameras by the end of 2017.

SPD is one of many law enforcement agencies nationwide adopting, or otherwise procuring, the body camera devices. Although SPD has over the past several years recorded officer contacts, it has done so with car dash-cams, not body cameras. Body camera recording has thus become the next generation of memorializing officers’ interactions with the public.

As noted in our previous post, the body cameras are made by Taser International/ Axon, which claims to be a ‘top player’ in the body camera market. The body cameras being used are about the size of a pager and attach to an officer’s chest. Lights on the cameras shine when they are in ‘record’ mode.

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