Let There be Fireworks?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Although still months away, there have already been rumblings about the danger of fireworks and the Fourth of July holiday. Of course, fireworks are a time-honored tradition in the United States … but the dangers may now be outpacing the benefits, in some peoples’ minds. One such place of concern is unincorporated King County, which remains one of the last jurisdictions in our region that folks can legally purchase and discharge fireworks without a permit. In the past, people have flocked to that region to light off their bounty of fireworks, large and small.

Fireworks are already banned in 25 jurisdictions in King County. Comparatively, restrictions in unincorporated King County are limited and some say rarely enforced. There is now a proposal on the table to make non-permitted fireworks illegal, including even sparklers. Even if approved, the ban would not take effect for a year.

The proposed legislation will go to committee at the next full council meeting. It will be interesting to see how things all play out. Undoubtedly, there are an equal amount of folks in favor and against; the issue should be hotly contested.

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