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SQ Attorneys

While it is true that anyone can get a DUI after consuming too much alcohol, smoking too much pot or even taking prescription medication that affects their ability to operate a motor vehicle, there are some instances that just seem to be right out of the annals of Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Case in point, a City of Lakewood police officer being arrested for DUI after crashing his squad car in another city. It doesn’t seem to get much stranger than that, right?

Late last month Lakewood Police Officer Eric Bell was arrested after he wrecked his squad car. Gig Harbor Police responded to the scene of the accident and found Officer Bell’s vehicle crashed off the roadway. Officer Bell was nearby and appeared, well – intoxicated. He was off duty, but the car he was operating was an unmarked Lakewood Police cruiser. Apparently, Officer Bell had been using the unmarked squad car to drop his children off with his former wife; the car was a total loss after the accident. After the embarrassing incident, the Lakewood Police Department put Officer Bell on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. Time will tell how the case against Officer Bell plays out; he was processed by the Washington State Patrol. Undoubtedly, the WSP will submit its findings to the prosecutor’s office for a filing decision.

If you or a loved one is accused of DUI you should immediately consult with a qualified Seattle DUI Attorney. A qualified and respected Seattle DUI lawyer, among other things, can quite possibly save the aggrieved person thousands of dollars in court and insurance fees, the extent of loss of privilege to drive, and the amount of jail time to be served. We have said it before and will say it again, Washington DUI laws are far too complicated for any ol’ attorney to handle. Be smart and consult with a qualified and skilled Seattle DUI attorney when arrested for an alcohol and/or drug related DUI in Washington State. SQ Attorneys is here to help – (206) 441-1600.

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