It Bears Repeating …

It cannot be said enough and bears repeating …when the police are called during a domestic dispute in Seattle or King County, Washington an arrest almost always results. Generally speaking, if a person is accused of any unwanted physical contact or breaking of property, that is sufficient ‘evidence’ for an arrest to be made. If there are allegations of unwanted physical contact, Domestic Assault charges are normally filed; if there are accusations of damaged property, Malicious Mischief charges or Property Destruction charges are usually filed.

It is a common misunderstanding that after a domestic violence arrest, the alleged victim can decide to press or drop charges. In Washington State it is the prosecutor’s decision to file charges or dismiss the case, not the alleged aggrieved party. Whether fair or not, a prosecutor will often press charges against the wishes of the alleged victim. In fact, if the accuser wants to recant or take back statements made to the police, they can be charged with making a false statement to the police, which in itself is a gross misdemeanor.

Because of the current state-of-affairs in Washington DV cases, a Seattle domestic violence attorney should be involved as early on in the process as possible. During the early stages of a case, a DV lawyer can sometimes prevent: (1) Criminal charges from being filed; (2) Incriminating statements from being made; (3) More serious or additional charges from being filed; and (4) Court orders prohibiting contact with the accuser.

In light of the foregoing, a person charged with a domestic violence should immediately seek the assistance of an experienced Seattle domestic violence defense attorney. An experienced Seattle domestic violence defense lawyer can level the playing field and protect an accused’s rights against unfair criminal charges and orders of protection. The law firm of SQ Attorneys has a record of successes in domestic violence defense in and around King County, Washington. If arrested for domestic violence call SQ Attorneys at 206.441.0900 for the answers to your important questions, or to schedule an appointment for a free and completely confidential consultation. It will be the best decision you make all day!

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