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As all Seattle criminal defense attorneys and Bellevue criminal defense attorneys know – and frequently espouse – growing marijuana violates federal law, and recreational use of the drug remains illegal at the state level. Notwithstanding that fact, the legalization of medical marijuana – permitted in Washington and at least fourteen other states – has kicked off a booming production industry in ancillary goods that could be potentially worth more than $60 billion nationwide. As noted in blogs past, however, the questionable nature of this new industry has put related businesses at risk of being shut down by law enforcement.

Start-up companies in this burgeoning, and relatively new industry, focus their primary efforts on producing quality grow equipment, services and technology for those interested in growing medical marijuana. The start-ups aim to avoid the impending legal pitfalls of their trade while still reaping the benefits of its overall expansion and growth. One way these companies are seeking to legitimize themselves is to become public; in other words, to offer public offerings (IPO’s) so as to remove the perceived stigma of unlawfulness or seediness. These companies believe that they will be better off if they enter the public arena and give themselves an air of professionalism and legitimacy.

Although to date law enforcement has taken a hands-off approach to the start-ups, the federal marijuana ban could mean future targeting of these companies for aiding and abetting the commission of a crime. Under United States federal law, the possession, use, cultivation and transfer of cannabis is illegal. Because these companies ostensibly provide services to customers that are engaged in possessing, using, cultivating and/or transferring cannabis, law enforcement may seek to bring legal actions against them; there is no timetable, however, for telling when, or even if, law enforcement will act against this entrepreneurial industry.

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