House Bill 2661; Domestic Violence Leave Law

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

House Bill 2661 rolled into effect last month and as such the Domestic Violence Leave Law (‘DVLL’) broadened its scope. The law now requires employers to make accommodations for the safety and security of employees who are victims of domestic violence. To initiate the protection the employee must show that the accommodation doesn’t pose an “undue hardship” to their employer. This means the accommodation doesn’t create a significant expense or difficulty to the employer. The accommodations may include, but are not necessarily limited to: (1) transfers; (2) reassignments; (3) schedule modification; (4) changed e-mail addresses; (5) changed phone numbers; (6) moved workstations; (7) lock installation; (8) implemented safety procedures; and/or (9) any other adjustment to the duties or workplace of an employee that would protect them from actual or potentially threatened domestic violence.

The DVLL applies to all Washington employers. Its purpose is to guarantee that victims of domestic violence have access to unpaid leave from their job. The House Bill 2661 amendments to the original law broadened the law beyond just paid leave, and employers are now required to take reasonable safety precautions in order to protect employees who are victims of domestic violence.

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