Guns, DV and the Attorneys’ Challenge



If you or a loved one is convicted of a domestic violence related felony or misdemeanor your right to possess a firearm will be terminated. US federal law mandates it; put simply, anyone who is convicted of an act of domestic violence will lose their right to possess a gun. This is true even if the underlining crime is not an act of violence against another. Any domestic violence related charge (i.e., theft, property destruction or a no contact order violation) will result in the suspension of one’s right to possess a firearm.

Although impacted, gun rights may be able to be restored. Eligible defendants can file a petition to restore their gun rights with the Superior Court. That said, it can be a tedious and sometimes complicated process to get one’s right to possess a gun back.

A person is eligible to restore their gun rights if at least 5 years has passed since their conviction, they have fulfilled the requirements of their sentence, and they are not facing other criminal charges. It is noted, however, that ‘restoring’ gun rights is not a true restoration. This is so because getting gun rights back under state law does not mean that the federal firearm restriction will be lifted, nor does it necessarily mean the person can still get a concealed pistol permit.

In short, navigating the process of restoring gun rights after a domestic violence conviction can be difficult. The best solution to not losing one’s right to possess a firearm is to simply not be convicted of a domestic violence related crime.

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