Gun Violence Reduced by GVRU?


SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

As is well known by now, gun violence has been a hot topic for several years. Last year, in response to a perceived increase in gun violence, the Seattle Police Department formed a community violence task force to target people responsible for gun violence – the Gun Violence Reduction Unit (“GVRU“).

The task force is composed of roughly 50 officers who focus their efforts on four city areas where violence is widespread: Aurora Avenue, downtown, the Central District and the city’s South End.

The shift in department resources obviously impacted investigations into other crimes like car prowls and burglaries, which, itself, has created city wide frustration. The reality is the department can only do so much, and, put succinctly, the safety of lives takes precedence over all other things, whether the general public likes that concept or not.  Case in point, Detectives with the GVRU are currently investigating an injury shooting and collision that happened on Sunday evening when the police department received reports of a shooting and a collision at North 130th Street and Aurora Avenue North – one of the four areas where gun violence continues to be widespread.  It has been a year, has the GVRU earned its stripes?

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