Got DUI Probation?

On probation with the court for a DUI conviction? If so, you best ‘toe-the-line’. Washington State’s DUI laws require that a probation violation be dealt with very harshly. By law, a judge is required to impose a number of conditions of probation which will be in effect for ‘up to’ a five-year term of probation. These conditions will include, as required by law: (1) not driving a motor vehicle without a valid license and insurance, (2) not driving a vehicle with an alcohol concentration of .08 or more within two hours of driving, and (3) not refusing to submit to a test of breath or blood upon lawful request of a police officer, among others. If the court finds that one or all of these violations have occurred, then the law is clear: “the court shall order the convicted person to be confined for thirty days, which shall not be suspended or deferred.” This is the penalty that would be imposed upon a person who was convicted of a first offense DUI who violates any of the mandatory probation conditions. There is also a mandatory 30 day loss of privilege to drive in Washington State.

In an effort to ‘monitor’ probationers, Washington State DUI courts often schedule periodic reviews to determine compliance with the conditions of probation. Many courts leave it to their probation department, which can be quite spendy for the probationer because he actually gets to pay for the privilege of being on probation. A few examples of courts that ‘pass the baton’ to their probation department are: the City of Seattle, the City of Lynnwood, the City of Edmonds and South District Court in Lynnwood, Washington.

As we have said before, DUI laws in Washington State are continuing to get a lot tougher. So be smart when cited for DUI, immediately seek the assistance of a Seattle DUI lawyer. A qualified and trained Seattle DUI attorneys will sift through the myriad and numerous defenses in a Washington DUI case. So if facing a DUI, do not go it alone, and do not just hire some ‘general’ practitioner. Washington DUI laws are far too complicated for any ol’ attorney to handle. Be smart … hire a qualified, skilled Seattle DUI lawyer when arrested for DUI in Washington State.

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