Gettin’ Caught, Gettin’ Cute

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Recently, a perfectly good plan was thwarted by an ‘on-the-ball’ WSP trooper in Snohomish County, Washington. The crafty driver, realizing that they could use a black sharpie to color in their expired tab, did just that … colored in a black tab for the year 2019. The trooper was so impressed that she actually tweeted a picture of the gem with the caption, “coloring skills are kind of on point”. Now that is saying something.

The observant trooper saw the altered tab while sitting behind the driver’s car … the officer saw that the ‘tab’ (although the right color) was not reflective, like an actual car tab. So impressed was this trooper that she didn’t charge the driver with the crime of altering state documents; she only cited the driver for the infraction of expired tabs. It should be noted that it is doubtful all troopers would be so kind. In fact, it is more probable than not that another law enforcement agent would have no problem asking a prosecutor to charge a person altering their tab with a crime, not an infraction. So it is best that you don’t take this little yarn as a cue to come up with a crafty or unique way to skirt the law.

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