Flightcar Lets Travelers Park for Free Except DUI Defendants

Travelers planning on leaving their cars at Sea-Tac Airport can park without paying at a lot on International Blvd.  if they’re willing to let Flightcar rent their vehicle to incoming travelers.

“While you’re on your trip, you’ll actually get notifications so you know what’s happening with your car,” said Flightcar co-founder and president Kevin Petrovic. “You know whether someone rented it.”

The 20-year-old Petrovic isn’t old enough to rent a car at most agencies. He left Princeton to launch his peer-to-peer car sharing company and says he’s yet to make a profit.

But people parking can save money and make money. Vacationers park for free and get a car wash at no cost, even if nobody ends up renting their vehicle. Car owners get reimbursed up 5 to 20 cents a mile depending on their car model.

“Because we use other people’s cars and don’t use our own cars, we’re actually able to offer a little bit of a lower price,” Petrovic said.

He also said Flightcar screens the driving history of every renter. People with DUI’s or more than 2 minor violations in the last two years aren’t eligible.

If the car is scratched, wrecked, or stolen, Flightcar covers it. The startup takes out a million dollar liability and full collision on each car.

Some Sea-Tac travelers expressed reservations about letting a stranger behind their wheel.

Flightcar is new to Seattle but already has locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston.

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