Five Down to Four



Well that didn’t take long. Another law change in the DUI sector. In April, the Washington State legislature approved a measure that would make a fourth driving under the influence offense a felony in Washington state. Not too long ago the law was changed to make a fifth driving under the influence offense a felony in Washington state. That apparently wasn’t good enough, especially after a man was recently arrested for his eleventh DUI. At least 19 other states list four or more DUI offenses as felonies. Third or subsequent offenses are felonies in at least 21 states.

The measure allows prosecutors to file felony charges if a person gets a fourth DUI within 10 years. Under the new law, offenders would be sent to prison for 13 to 17 months, rather than serve shorter sentences in county jails. The bill also provides offenders with mandatory supervision after prison. Another clause in the bill says offenders must also pay an additional $50 fine – which is expected to raise about a million dollars for the state and will be used to help fund organizations that offer education programs to reduce driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It goes without saying, but will be said anyways, any person accused of DUI or Being in Actual Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence should immediately consult with a qualified Seattle DUI lawyer. A qualified and respected Seattle DUI lawyer, among other things, can quite possibly save the aggrieved person thousands of dollars in court and insurance fees, the extent of loss of privilege to drive, and the amount of jail time to be served. Washington traffic laws are far too complicated for any ol’ attorney to handle. Be smart and consult with a qualified and skilled Seattle DUI attorney when arrested for an alcohol and/or drug related DUI in Washington State.

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