Exodus in the Works

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

With the current state of affairs at the Seattle Police Department (“SPD“), numerous officers are electing to leave the force. Not to start a new career, but to be a law enforcement agent with a different agency. In fact, it appears that many SPD officers are headed to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department (“PCSD“). Ed Troyer, PCSD’s spokesperson, recently joined the Jason Rantz Show to discuss how the Defund The Police movement is pushing officers out of Seattle.

The timing is actually good because PCSD has 27 openings to fill. The beauty is the newly hired SPD officers don’t have to go to the police academy, and can go straight to street patrol because they are already fully trained, certified and qualified – on SPD’s dime; PCSD saves $50,000 to $60,000 on training.  It is expected that these ‘new hires’ will be on the road working for PCSD (not SPD) within a month.

Mr. Troyer said the restraints will be off (no pun intended) and that the new officer’s will be able to police in ways they weren’t permitted to do in Seattle.  This is so because in Pierce County there is no push to ‘de-police’ or what has become known as ‘defund the police’. As to be expected, trained officers (including SPD officers) clearly find that to be more to their liking, even if it means a pay cut. How will this officer exodus impact both Seattle and Piece County alike, only time will tell.

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