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SQ Attorneys

Washington citizens have always been skeptical that law enforcement agents in-and-around the state have traffic citation quotas; essentially, that their bosses mandate a certain number of citations each month and/or year. Well to combat that view (and to improve the perception of law enforcement integrity) the state Senate recently passed a bill to prevent traffic ticket quotas in Washington State.

The bill was approved by a unanimous vote of 47-0. Next up – the state House of Representatives. With this new Bill, a law enforcement officer’s evaluation, his salary or his eligibility for promotion must not take into account the number of traffic infractions he has issued or even the amount of monetary penalties produced from the traffic tickets he has issued.

Other states such as Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Texas have passed similar laws prohibiting officers from being assigned traffic ticket quotas.

The Senate Bill, if approved by the state House of Representatives, would allow officers to use their own discretion and apply the level of enforcement action they believe to be appropriate for the situation; their superiors would not be permitted to define a specific quota for traffic citations – in turn, it is hoped, that officer integrity, to some degree, can be restored in the public eye. Confidence in our law enforcement is a positive thing and should be embraced. This new Bill aims at doing just that – encourage the public to ‘trust’ police.

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