Employer Exemption? IID to be, or not to be …

Anyone convicted of DUI in Washington State faces the prospect of losing his driving privilege for at least 90 days. And to drive during that period, or to drive immediately thereafter, the person must drive only a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device (‘IID’). Unfortunately, however, many people use a vehicle for work related activity. Obviously, these work vehicles are not going to be equipped with an IID. So, that begs the question … can a person still drive a work vehicle not equipped with an IID if he is required to drive only vehicles equipped with Ignition Interlock device?

The simple answer: Yes! This is because under current Washington State law there is an employer exemption for IID’s. There is, however, a 30 day wait period (365 if 2nd or subsequent violation) after having the ignition interlock device installed on one’s personal vehicle. According to the Department of Licensing, an ignition interlock device “is not necessary on vehicles owned, leased, or rented by a person’s employer and on those vehicles whose care and/or maintenance is the temporary responsibility of the employer, and driven at the direction of a person’s employer as a requirement of employment during working hours. The person must provide the department with a declaration pursuant to RCW 9A.72.085 from his or her employer stating that the person’s employment requires the person to operate a vehicle owned by the employer or other persons during working hours.” (RCW 46.20.720).  This exemption helps folks that work for the government, car sales companies, pizza delivery companies, plumbing companies, trucking companies, cable companies and a slew of other entities that require their employees to drive as part of their employment duties.

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