DV Tagedies Increase Government Involvement

For those of you who wonder why the government takes such a strong position on domestic violence, you need look no further than a tragic incident that took place on Thursday of last week.

In Bothell a 48 year old woman was found with injuries from a box cutter. She ultimately died from those injuries after being hospitalized Harborview Medical Center along with her estranged husband, a 48 year old man. Both the man and the woman had wounds that authorities attribute to a box cutter. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has said they believe the injuries to the couple were inflicted during a domestic violence dispute. This is exactly the type of situation that police officers, prosecutors and domestic violence advocates fear may occur if they don’t take a very proactive and involved approach to domestic violence matters; the belief stems from the concept that domestic violence is an ‘escalation’ crime, and thus if not handled in the infancy stages of development tragedies like these occur.

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