Drugs, drugs, drugs ….

Washington State is one of the leaders in arrests for drug possession, and simple possession of controlled substances. “Drug crime” charges may include the possession, use, sale or furnishing of any illegal (and under certain circumstances, legal) drug or drug paraphernalia that is prohibited by the laws in the State of Washington. It is a misdemeanor in the State of Washington to possess 40 grams or less of marijuana. Possessing even the smallest amount of cocaine, however, is a felony in Washington. A VUCSA in Washington (Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act) charge is an offense for which an individual faces serious, life impacting criminal penalties, including significant prison time and heavy fines. It is extremely important you contact a Seattle Criminal Attorney when faced with such a charge.

Because the punishment for “intent to deliver or sell drugs” is so much greater than the punishment for simply “possessing drugs”, it is common for prosecutors to allege that a defendant who was in possession of drugs, intended to sell or deliver the drugs rather than simply possessing the drugs. Thus, it is imperative that a person facing drug charges hire a qualified Seattle criminal attorney who is skilled and experienced enough to develop the strongest possible defense, and thoroughly prepare against the criminal charge(s). This is because a conviction could mean significant jail or prison time, and can seriously affect future education opportunities, financial aid, and employment.

The type of charge, and the seriousness of the punishment associated with the charge depend upon a number of factors which include: Quantity of drugs possessed; The type of drug (marijuana, meth, cocaine, crack, heroin) and its classification;The purpose of the possession (for personal use or with the intent to sell or distribute); Evidence of sales activity; Weapons possession or use while in possession of the drug(s); Large amounts of money involved; and Past criminal history (offender score. The Seattle Criminal Lawyers at SQ Attorneys are able to fight for your rights and get results which will preserve your future.

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