Distracted Driving Patrols Out in Force

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

It has been a hot topic in the local news lately – distracted driving. There has been a consistent effort by all branches of the government to curb the habit of drivers to use their cellular devices while on our roadways. The law enforcement arm of government is now on the clock. Police departments across Washington state have officially added patrols to crack down on distracted driving in the first two weeks of this month. April is no longer just the month that precedes May flowers, it is the month that will shower down on drivers using their mobile devices unlawfully.

Approximately 6,000 extra law enforcement hours conducted by 150 law-enforcement agencies will be spent cracking down on distracted driving on Washington’s roadways. During a similar campaign in April 2014, officers issued 5,412 citations for distracted driving, that is more than double a typical month’s worth of traffic infractions.

The current penalty for distracted driving (texting while driving or to holding a conversation with the cellphone next to an ear) is $136. As noted in previous posts, earlier this year the House and Senate have passed versions of a tougher “driving under the influence of electronics” act. The Act broadens the law to include watching video, using any handheld device (not just a phone) or using dashboard-mounted devices beyond a simple finger touch. The tougher act and penalties related thereto are set to take effect in January 2018.

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