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Can a Washington State criminal court order participation in a crime related treatment program so as to lessen the risk of re-offense and/or to promote the basic fundamental concept of community safety? Recently, a Washington State criminal court found (pursuant to RCW 9.94A.703) that a court may require an offender to “[p]articipate in crime-related treatment or counseling services” or “in rehabilitative programs” that are reasonably related to the offense committed.

In the case the defendant challenged a court’s imposition of domestic violence treatment after a jury convicted him of domestic violence related charges – the defendant was convicted of second degree assault, unlawful imprisonment, and felony harassment of his former girlfriend. In light of the conviction, at sentencing, the prosecutor asked the trial court to require the defendant to complete domestic violence treatment. The defendant objected to the state’s request/ recommendation, and argued that the statute only authorized the court to require domestic violence treatment under certain delineated circumstances, of which his case did not meet. Over the defendant’s objection, the trial court found that it did, in fact, have the authority to require the onerous treatment and so ordered. The defendant appealed the trial court’s ruling. In August of this year, the appeals court sided with the trial court and found that RCW 9.94A.703(3) allows the court to order crime related treatment and/or rehabilitation programs as part of any term of community custody, and that such authority was neither limited or qualified in its scope.

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