County says ‘NO’ to FRT

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Earlier this year the Metropolitan King County Council voted to prohibit the King County Sheriff’s Office from using facial recognition technology. The ban arose out of both privacy concerns, and historical biases suffered by minorities, as evidenced by a slew of studies indicating inaccurate, false identifications were being obtained by the technology. Facial recognition technology analyzes certain characteristics of a person’s picture (i.e. the distance between their eyes) and then matches those characteristics against a database or a model. At least 13 other cities around the country have also instituted bans on facial recognition technology. The Seattle Police also do not use facial recognition technology in its policing. It too, like the Sheriff’s Office, would need to get approval from its government oversight organization, the Seattle City Council.

Interestingly, King County’s facial recognition technology ban only prohibits the Sheriff from actually operating and requesting facial recognition technology. The department is permitted to use it in its searches for missing children and its service to the federal government. There is a hammer hovering over the Counties proverbial head because if the Sheriff’s Office uses facial recognition technology in violation of the ban, it is exposing the county to a formidable law suit at tax payer expense.

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