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SQ Attorneys

As most of us all know, Marijuana use is now legal in Washington State, with some minor limitations. This wasn’t always the case, obviously. In fact, prior to 2012, it was illegal to possess, sale or use Marijuana; the possession, sale and/or use of Marijuana could result in a criminal conviction. That has changed, and as of late July 2019 those folks with a Marijuana conviction on their record can have it vacated. This is so because our state government has deemed it unfair to maintain a conviction for something that is no longer illegal in our state; the government has acknowledged that a Marijuana conviction can sometimes impede one’s ability to get a job or even rent/own a home. The ability to vacate a Marijuana conviction is a step beyond Governor Inslee’s offer in January to pardon those convicted for Marijuana use/possession. This is so because his pardon does not ultimately eliminate a conviction, and the pardon offered was for convictions that covered only: (1) certain dates and/or periods, and (2) single (not multiple) marijuana related convictions.

So let the vacations of Marijuana convictions begin! The steps are pretty darn simple. First, find the court of conviction, where the charge and conviction took place (Note: if multiple courts involved, each court has to be dealt with separately). Second, go to the court and request a form entitled, “Motion and Declaration for Order Vacating Marijuana Conviction”. Third, fill out the form (duh). Fourth, file the completed form with the court clerk and request a hearing before the judge. Fifth, when instructed appear for the hearing to have your Marijuana conviction vacated. As we said above, pretty darn easy.

What is the benefit of a vacated Marijuana conviction? Well … one, a person can legitimately say they haven’t been convicted of the Marijuana crime, two, it clears a person of all penalties related to the Marijuana charge, and three, it can’t be considered against the person on other non-related criminal matters. What are the drawbacks of a vacated Marijuana conviction? None … well … actually … it does take some time out of your busy day … and as they say … time is money, and money is time … so there is that.

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