Can I Share My Prescribed Medication?

Each and every day, people across the United States are prescribed medication for an injury and/or after a surgery. Sharing your prescription painkillers or any other prescription medication may seem like it is not a big issue but unfortunately, it is illegal and could potentially lead to some serious criminal consequences.

Sharing prescription medications of any kind violates state and federal laws, which can lead to a range of criminal consequences. This can include fines, community service, probation, and even time in prison.

It is against the law to possess or consume a prescription medication that you have no prescription for. It does not matter if your friend is telling you that they are in a lot of pain, or that they just came back from the dentist.

Outside of the doctor-pharmacist prescription system, distributing any prescription drugs is illegal. While it is perfectly legal for you to take your medication, that same drug becomes illegal once you place it in the wrong hands. So that means giving your prescription drugs to your friend could make you guilty of distributing or even intending to distribute, prescription medications without proper documentation. This is a crime in essentially every state.

It can also be incredibly dangerous to consume or distribute medications with no prescription. There are countless possibilities for serious complications that a doctor and pharmacist would know about that you may not. Whether it be incorrect dosage, allergies, or side effects, taking a medication without the advice of a licensed medical practitioner can have deadly consequences.

Furthermore, even if the medication is the same, unless you are a prescribing physician, in the eyes of the law you giving your friend a prescription medication is illegal and considered distribution. It does not matter if your friend also has a prescription for Adderall or whatever else they are asking you for, it is still illegal.

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