Can I Buy a Gun from a Pawnshop?

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Purchasing a firearm from a pawnshop can be a cost-effective way to purchase a gun for those who feel the need to own a firearm. Prior to making this transaction, there are things that you one should know before buying from a pawnbroker.

Every gun dealer including pawnshops, must be federally licensed. Under the Federal Firearm Licensing Act, no business can sell firearms without having a license issued from the office of the Attorney General. The application must include the following: 1) A photograph of the applicant; 2) The applicant’s fingerprint and 3) The fee for the license

Once a dealer is federally licensed, a dealer is permitted to transport, ship, and receive firearms and ammunition between states and from other countries for the period the license covers.

A large part of legally purchasing a firearm is passing a background check. An issue that may present itself while your background check is pending is whether or not you have been convicted of a felony. People convicted of a felony often lose their right to possess a firearm for the rest of their lives after their conviction. Those laws vary by state. Moreover, ammunition and firearms are subject to the same federal laws. All dealers must be licensed to sell weapons and ammunition.

Before you sell a gun to a pawnshop, you must know some vital background information. First, you need to know if the pawnshop has the proper licensure. The burden of proving good licensure is on the pawnbroker. A pawnbroker cannot legally sell or buy firearms without a federal firearm license. If the pawnbroker has the proper license, you can legally sell a gun to the pawnshop.

To legally sell a gun to a pawnshop, one must follow these steps: 1) Have the pawnbroker prove that the business is licensed to buy and sell firearms, 2) Have a photo ID that proves that you are of age to purchase a firearm (you must be 18 years old; in some states, you must be at least 21 years old) and 3) Be prepared to have a background check run on you.

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