But Will it be Retroactive?

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Last April the United States Supreme Court ruled that state court juries must be unanimous to convict a defendant of a serious crime. That sage ruling opened the door for the next logical question: Is the ruling retroactive? In other words, does it apply to those defendants already convicted? If so, thousands of convictions will most assuredly be overturned, prompting new trials costing both monetary and emotional strain for all involved. Generally, rulings are not retroactive, but an exception can be made for ‘watershed’ rulings like the one made in April.

The substance of the Supreme Court ruling held that both Oregon and Louisiana had originally adopted their jury rules for  racially discriminatory reasons. Now all juries in all states must vote unanimously to convict a defendant. The April ruling, however, only affected prospective cases and/or cases under appeal, not those otherwise completed. Whether retroactivity applies shall – in due time – be determined by the Supreme Court after Wednesday’s vigorous arguments for and against.

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