Bill Aimed at Criminalizing Off-Limits Skiing

Seattle criminal defense attorneys are on notice that on Wednesday the Washington State House of Representatives passed a bill making it a criminal misdemeanor to ski in ski areas that are clearly marked as closed and hazardous. The bill applies to runs that are both out-of-bounds, and to runs that are in-bounds and have been intentionally marked and closed off for safety reasons.

The House approved the measure after a contentious debate. Supporters of the bill argued that a criminal trespassing charge and a potential $1,000 fine would help deter behavior that causes avalanches and endangers the lives of not only other recreational skiers but also ski-patrol and search-and-rescue workers. Conversely, opponents of the bill claimed criminalizing recreational behavior is overreaching and could result in young people unwittingly receiving blots on their permanent criminal history records; opponents favored a fine of $500 and signs that would be more harshly worded. The measure now returns to the Senate for approval of amendments.

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