Bellevue’s Swing and Sting


SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

As in years past, the Bellevue Police Department (the “BPD“) recently elected to ‘swing for the fences‘ and crack down on the ever burgeoning sex industry within its borders. Last week – on December 16th and 17th – the BPD conducted a two-night undercover operation that netted; (1) fourteen men for patronizing a prostitute, (2) one man for illegally possessing a gun, (3) one man for human trafficking and promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor, and (4) one female for investigation of promoting prostitution. The sting also resulted in 3 juvenile victims being taken into protective custody.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office has since rush filed a felony charge of second-degree human trafficking and promotion of commercial sexual abuse of a minor against the alleged sex trafficker of two of the three aforementioned victims. At this time the suspect is being held in King County Jail on a whopping $200,000 bail. His arraignment is scheduled for next week.

If history serves as a good indicator, it is likely that the 14 men arrested for patronizing a prostitute will be criminally charged. If so, the Bellevue City Prosecutor will undoubtedly ask the court to order the offenders to complete – at a minimum – a 10 week PIP program. PIP stands for ‘Patronizing Impact Program’. PIP is an educational intervention program tailored for clients arrested for soliciting the services of a prostitute. The ultimate program goal is to decrease the demand for prostitution, and thus reduce the amount of human trafficking and sexual exploitation; program goals are pursued by committing city resources in support of program activities related to eliminating the sex industry as a whole.

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