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Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, some folks may be concerned that police vehicles may not be safe to transport prisoners. Well, the Ford Motor Company has been working on a solution to resolve that very legitimate concern. Last week, Ford announced that it is investing in heated sanitation software for its fleet of 2013-2019 Police Interceptor SUVs. It is said the technology essentially ‘cooks’ away viruses – including Covid-19. Ford originally tested the new ‘disinfectant’ software in vehicles owned by the Michigan State Police, the New York City Police and the Los Angeles City Police. Impressed, those agencies are actually now using the novel (no pun intended) technology.

The principle of the new technology permits law enforcement officers to heat their SUV’s up to 133 degrees Fahrenheit for a total time period of 15 minutes. This length of heating is said to be long enough to help disinfect vehicle touch-points. One drawback, however, is the fact that the heat sanitizing process cannot be done with people inside the vehicle.

Why 133 degrees Fahrenheit? Because that temperature is in line with the highest temperatures recorded in places like Death Valley and parts of Libya and Tunisia – and, as we all know … heat kills. When the ‘heating’ process begins, hazard lights and tail lights flash in a preset pattern, which changes once the disinfectant process is complete. It is hoped that these heat cleaning efforts will help disinfect vehicles between each passenger use, and provide officers with an extra layer of protection inside their own vehicles. Unfortunately, it is not known what – if any – impact the high temperatures may have on the vehicle’s interior or its electrical equipment.

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