Bad News Bars

It’s a list local businesses don’t want to make: the bars, clubs and restaurants linked to the most DUI in Washington state, resulting in those individuals have to contact a Seattle DUI Lawyer.

Every time a driver is arrested for DUI, troopers always ask, “Where were you drinking?” Troopers then enter the answer into a database to track which bars come up the most. The Seattle DUI Attorney at SQ Attorneys are well aware of these bars and issues that may result when a DUI is processed out of these specified bars.

So far this year, more people pulled over for drunk driving have said they were drinking at J.R. Phinickey’s Steakhouse in Marysville over any other bar in the state.

Tulalip Resort Casino ranks second statewide, followed by Yella Beak Saloon and the Jet Bar and Grill. Susie’s is responsible for the fifth most DUIs in Washington, followed by Snoqualmie Casino and Lady Luck’s in Tacoma. if charged with a DUI, contact the Seattle DUI Lawyer at SQ Attorneys immediately to protect your rights.

State patrol says this list in one tool they use to stop overserving and other dangerous trends in their tracks.

“So they can see if these bars are continuing to overserve and they can take enforcement efforts on their part,” said Sgt. Ken Denton of Washington State Patrol.

Like many bar owners, some believe that troopers camp outside waiting for customers to leave. His staff has even taken video of patrol cars pacing back and forth outside. Denton says troopers do saturate areas that show a pattern of problems, and they don’t hide the fact they are there to make sure businesses operate responsibly.

“And we would make sure the public was very well aware of hey we’re watching this area. This needs to stop,” said Denton. The DUI list is not admissible in court, since it relies on suspected drunk drivers’ words.

If you or a loved one is faced with a DUI charge in Western Washington, you deserve the assistance of a reputable and qualified Seattle DUI attorney who will relentlessly defend your case. You deserve a Seattle DUI lawyer who has an intimate understanding of Washington DUI laws and the legal issues that could win your case. You deserve a Seattle DUI defense attorney who is not afraid to stand up against the prosecution and aggressively fight for your rights and interests. SQ Attorneys is the right Western Washington DUI law firm for the job. Call for a free initial consultation – (206) 441.0900 (Seattle); (425) 998-8384 (Eastside) – it will be the best decision you make all day.

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