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It is, of course, never a good idea to knowingly or intentionally hit and run other cars, property or people. In fact, it is a crime that carries with it stiff penalties, including jail time, fines and a possible loss of privilege to drive. But committing a hit and run to ‘get out of work’? That is a new one for even the most seasoned of attorneys.

Sadly, it recently happened in Bothell when a 22-year-old man intentionally hit two pedestrians with his car because he claims he hated his job ( at McMenamins Anderson School restaurant) and figured a prison sentence would change the direction of his life. It will undoubtedly change the trajectory of his life, but perhaps in a manner that he may not be as prepared for as he might have thought. The man now is charged with two counts of first-degree assault (serious felonies), and remains jailed in lieu of $1 million bail.

It is believed that the people hit were severely bruised in the incident, but thank goodness they did not suffer any broken bones or internal bleeding. A third pedestrian was luckily able to run out of the way of the man’s vehicle which was traveling approximately 40 mph.

The driver apparently showed no signs of intoxication and was shockingly nonchalant about the event. According to reports, the man said ‘he was looking forward to spending a few years in a room’. Reports also claim he seemed almost relieved to be going to jail, and that he said this was ‘a life experience’ and was worth it. Unfortunately, it is likely that when the ‘newness’ of this man’s poor decision wears off, he will deeply regret his actions. As it stands, he is facing the prospect of a hefty prison sentence and a felony record that will impact his life forever. One very bad decision that assuredly will result in its intended consequence.

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