Attorney Criminally Charged

Even attorneys can be criminally charged; attorneys are not immune from criminal allegations. Case in point – a Bellevue attorney, George Atwater, was recently charged with wire fraud for alleged involvement in embezzling $10 million from an investor in an Indonesian oil-and-gas scheme. Mr. Atwater was vice president and general counsel of Laramie Petroleum as well as another oil-and-gas company called McCube.

Laramie Petroleum and McCube were operated by Robert Miracle. Mr. Miracle is currently serving a 13 year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to mail fraud, money-laundering and tax evasion for operation of Laramie Petroleum and McCube.

The charges allege that Mr. Atwater altered McCube’s account statements to show the company was successful in order to falsely secure a $10 million loan in 2006.  It is believed that investors in the two companies lost more than $20 million.

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