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Since the pandemic, video court has become commonplace. Many courts use systems like Zoom or WebEx to conduct court hearings. With this phenomenon, folks have the ability to pretty much be anywhere on earth yet still appear for their hearing. Unfortunately, some court attendees forget that where they are, and how they appear, may impact their case. One such situation recently happened in a Michigan zoom courtroom, and it resulted in the defendant’s bail being revoked. The case involved a man appearing in court while operating his car. Of course, that in and of itself wasn’t good but the bigger problem was that his driver’s license was suspended.

In the now viral court video, the man is seen attending his hearing for driving on a suspended license suspended … while he was actually driving. The Michigan Judge was visibly surprised when he saw the man driving because the case file showed that he still had a suspended license. The dialogue between the man and the judge went like this: “Mr. Harris, are you driving?” the judge asked the man. “Actually, I’m pulling into my doctor’s office, actually, so just give me one second, I’m parking right now,” he replied. The judge promptly revoked the defendant’s bond and ordered him to turn himself in to the county jail that same day. Note to self, don’t appear in court while committing a crime, especially a crime that you are currently charged with at the time.

If you or a loved one is in a bind as a result of a criminal charge (driving on a suspended license or otherwise), immediately contact a Seattle Criminal Attorney. A Criminal lawyer is not going to judge you and understands that everyone makes mistakes. Hiring a Seattle Criminal Lawyer to help can – at a minimum – reduce penalties and can help direct people on how to best deal with their criminal charge, and many times even get them dismissed. So, it should go without saying that someone cited for a misdemeanor or felony should hire a qualified Seattle Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible. Criminal charges can cause havoc on a person’s personal and professional life. Anyone charged with a crime in Washington State should immediately seek the assistance of a seasoned Seattle Criminal Lawyer. SQ Attorneys can be reached at (425) 359-3791 and/or (206) 441-0900.

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